World's First IOT Contract Platform Based on Blockchain


Our Vision

As a team of developers, we at M2M Systems are revolutionizing how businesses and home owners connect with and manage their connected smart devices. We believe that managing smart devices doesn’t have to be a grind or annoying. Our systems help streamline the control of IoT devices to improve business operations, security, and energy consumption.
At M2M Systems, we treat our users as a core component of our own team. Only on this basis can we be mutually beneficial to each other and swap information.

    Our Vision Explained

    M2M Systems is based on a project that improves the security of a smart network using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Every action performed through our dashboard will be stored in an invulnerable and immutable database. The only way to crack it is to gain access to the administrator and access to at least 51% of connected devices, which is virtually impossible to accomplish.
    Our systems combine all smart devices on the grid into an impenetrable decentralized network that protects data from hackers. The technology uses innovative security protocols with robust built-in security features. Thanks to M2M Systems, IoT security in homes, factories, schools, and other places will be impervious to data breaches.
    Hackers will not be able to penetrate smart home data network to violate user privacy since they won’t be able to exploit a few disparate devices on a third party company’s server.
    At the same time, M2M Systems gives you complete control and monitoring capabilities over your data, allowing you to make operation faster and efficient. This allows health care companies and workers to run their systems in full compliance with various regulatory bodies around the world including GDPR, PII-DCS, and more.

    M2M Systems Business Model

    Investments often include the risk that a planned product will not be developed to completion. The advantage of investing in the M2M Systems is, that the company already has a working product and an existing and operating business model with over 2000 connected devices. With the purchase of an M2M System token, investors support the future path of the company and directly participate in the success.

    Token Distribution

    Token Distribution
    Allocation of funds

    Total token supply -3 000 000

    • 5% Strategic Partnership
    • 5% Bounty
    • 5% Founder & Team
    • 10% Private Sale
    • 35% Public Pre-Sale
    • 40% Public Sale

    Road Map

    2018 Q1

    M2M Systems Generation Event

    2018 Q1

    Private Sale

    2018 Q1

    Release of Consensus Algoritum

    2018 Q2

    Completion of operation environment Field Test

    2018 Q3

    Release of M2M Systems operation environment

    2018 Q4

    IoT Contract PoC

    2019 Q1

    Private Blockchain PoC

    2019 Q1

    IoT authentication and device control

    2019 Q2

    Release of M2M Systems Private and Public Blockchain

    2019 Q3

    Release of the Private and Public Blockchain Security Enhancements

    2019 Q4

    IoT High Speed transaction module Ver. 1.0

    2020 Q2

    Private- Public Blockchain network Live Operation

    2021 Q2

    Public Pre-Sale

    2021 Q3

    Public Sale

    2021 Q3

    Listings on Major exchanges.

    2021 Q3

    Web Wallet and Hardware wallet release.


    Frequency Asked Questions

    ICO – “Initial Coin Offering” is a way to raise capital through a crowdfunding campaign using crypto assets as an investment. A digital asset, coin or chip is spent for a specific purpose and sold to raise money for this purpose.

    STO is the initial sale of tokens, which are property deeds of a specific property.

    M2M Systems Tokens is a payment tool for the M2M Systems ectosystem.

    Security Token are fully regulated securities. They are a bridge between the traditional financial system and cryptocurrencies.

    M2M Systems total supply is  6 000 000 000.

    After the Public Sale Token will be Mineable.

    The Pre-Sale price of one M2MS token is 0.50 USD.

    The M2MS Token is an Cryptocurrency Coin that can be purchased during STO.

    The Sale price of one M2MS token is 1.00 USD.

    The Pre-Sale of M2MS Tokens will start on April 1, 2021 and end on June 30 2021.

    The Pre-Sale of M2MS Tokens will start on July 1, 2021 and end on August 30 2021.


    Awesome Team

    Francis Howard
    Christina Girod
    Chief Technology Officer
    Michael Groff
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Darren Norman
    Chief Communications Officer



    Nickolay V. Moshkin
    Senior Data Scientist

    Founded Moshkin Associates, a digital advertising consultancy whose number one priority is brand growth. Provide SEM and meta bidding consulting to increase traffic to client sites and generate more leads or sales of higher quality. Optimize client campaign structure to maximize its value in search engine results which leads to higher rankings and greater awareness of a client’s business at lower cost. Assist client businesses in navigating the complexities of search and driving profitable growth across initiatives.

    Vivekananda Reddy Kanduri
    Industrial Engineer

    Masters in Industrial Engineering at The State University of New York at Buffalo with a focus on: Supply Chain Engineering , Production Planning and Control , Supply Chain Analytics , Six Sigma , Lean Manufacturing , Facilities Design , Simulation and Stochastic Models , Design and Analysis of Experiments , Statistical Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics , Regression Analysis and ANOVA , Time Series Analysis and Forecasting




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